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The Queensland eNews has exclusive program sponsorship opportunities with 100% share of voice to a subscriber list of over 1 million.


Don’t miss your chance to exclusively partner with Queensland and lock in your offer(s) for FOUR months!

Queensland eNews Sponsorship SOLD OUT


Creative is tailored for each program and will vary based on the sponsor/partner offers.

Program 1: Birthday eDM

  • Surprise and delight our Queensland subscribers with a dedicated birthday offer
  • Targeted to over 67,000 subscribers throughout the year with up to 500 messages sent daily
  • Proven to be one of Queensland’s most successful targeted campaigns

Program 2: Welcome Incentive

  • Targeted to every new subscriber acquired via Queensland.com, Queensland Blog and all acquisition campaigns in market
  • Volumes expected to exceed 28,000 messages per year
  • The offer will also be highlighted through subscription promotion throughout Queensland.com, Queensland Blog and our social channels

Program 3: Re-engagement eDM

  • Targeted to up to 1 million subscribers throughout the year at optimal times
  • Features an incentive for subscribers to engage and keep their profiles up to date
  • Increased personalisation and dynamic content 
Average (unique) engagement across all programs -
40% above the industry average!
TIPFeaturing various offers for each program will reduce subscriber fatigue and generate higher conversion for your brand.

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