TEQ Marketing Sales can connect your brand to the individual user with Programmatic Buying or targeted placements across highly populated websites owned by the Powerhouses of Australian media - NewsCorp and Fairfax plus local and Australia-wide leading lifestyle and travel websites. Leverage from strong audience followings with Run of Site campaigns and digital display banners. Track your campaigns results with measurable performance data and know exactly how many times your ads have been clicked, add pixels to track the consumer journey and view your performance with user-friendly dashboards.

  • Digital Campaigns: aligned with demographics, behavioural targeting, geo-fencing and and/or Geo Targeting
  • Video Placement Strategy: video ads are delivered in safe, premium environments, backed by fraud-free guarantee extensive third-party verification
  • Online Banner Advertising: placement across key websites and online magazines to target domestic and international Travel Intenders
  • Google Adwords: reach your audience when they are already searching with text and banner ads appearing when your target audience are actively searching for travel inspiration
  • Cutting edge technology: digital offers fresh and premium look for your advertising
  • Targeting: with text-based search ads, graphic display ads and YouTube video ads

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