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Qweekend is an aspirational news magazine, which showcases the best journalism in Queensland with stories that inform, intrigue, inspire and start conversations.

Every week, the award-winning writers deliver in-depth features on the issues and the people influencing Queensland while the hugely popular columnists offer insightful and often hilarious commentary on life in the Sunshine State. Qweekend also is the home of the arts in Queensland with expert coverage of stage, screen, books and music as well as trends in technology, the best places to dine and Des Houghton’s unique take on his favourite tipples.

In an increasingly noisy and frivolous media environment, Qweekend - which is hosted in a world-class newspaper, The Saturday Courier-Mail - has been providing intelligent, trusted and engaging stories for more than a decade. It is a much-loved friend that reflects the life of our aspirational readers which provides an anchor of trust, scale and influence that only newspaper media can deliver.


SINKS/DINKS Younger Families Older Families Empty Nesters
17,000 12,000 95,000 120,000


Placement Casual Rate TEQ Rate Saving
Full Page $19,239.50 $9,000.00 $10,239.50
Half Page $9,619.75 $5,771.88 $3,847.87

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